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Cinestill 50D Daylight 135 36EXP

Cinestill 50D Daylight 135 36EXP


Expiry 08/2024


From the high-quality motion picture film used by Hollywood comes the Cinestill 50D, a unique ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) still picture film.


Boasted to be the world's finest grain, the Cinestill 50D can be safely developed with C-41 standard development, while retaining the option for development with motion picture ECN-2 motion picture chemistry. 

  • Specifications

    • Colour Balanced Daylight (5500K) colour negative 
    • 35mm / 36 Exposures 
    • DX-coded cartridges 
    • Remjet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect 
    • Dynamic accurate colour rendition 
    • Unrivalled highlight and shadow latitude
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