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Canon Demi EE17

Canon Demi EE17


The Canon Demi EE17 is a vintage gem in the world of half-frame 35mm cameras, revered for its compact design and exceptional lens quality. This camera is particularly appealing to film enthusiasts who appreciate the unique combination of classic aesthetics and manual controls with some automatic features. The Demi EE17 is equipped with a high-quality 30mm f/1.7 lens, which is quite fast for its class, offering superior performance in low light conditions and a shallow depth of field for beautiful bokeh effects.


The camera features an automatic exposure control with a built-in light meter, providing ease of use while still giving photographers the option to manually adjust the aperture for creative control.

  • In this kit

    • Camera unit
    • Wrist strap
    • Digital manual / Online Guidance (upon request)
    • 30 Day warranty
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