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Canon Autoboy 2

Canon Autoboy 2


The Canon Sure Shot, better known as the Autoboy 2, was one of the first fully automatic cameras available. This iconic Point and Shoot camera still stand the test of time nearly 4 decades after its initial release. Its 38mm, f/2.8 lens rivals the likes of the Contax T2 and Yashica T3 and paired with a fast and reliable autofocus system, capturing beautiful images becomes near effortless. Its popup flash is powerful as well, allowing the Sure Shot the function well under a wide range of situations.


Though lacking many of the bells and whistles of more modern Point and Shoots, the Autoboy 2 nails all the basics, making it a simple but excellent film camera

  • In this kit

    • Camera unit
    • Wrist strap
    • Digital manual / Online Guidance (upon request)
    • 30 Day warranty
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