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Film Camera Servicing

At Retronalogue, we believe that giving old cameras a new lease of life is the best way to keep film photography alive and well for future generations to enjoy.

Finding and buying an old film camera for cheap might be easy, but getting one with intact light seals and smooth mechanisms? Not so much. But we're here to help, we offer repair and maintenance services for all types of cameras including SLRs, Rangefinders, and Point and Shoots.


Nothing lasts forever. Whether it's an old film camera you dug up from the depths of your closet or one you've use daily for the past year, all film cameras will require maintenance from time to time.

From a simple clean to light seal replacement and even a full CLA, we offer a wide range of different maintenance services to keep your film camera in shape and ready to go.



With expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics and film photography, we are equipped to provide tailored solutions to your repair needs.

From circuitry issues to damaged gears, we will work closely with you to tackle any issues you have with your film camera. 

Contact us today for a free diagnosis

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